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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Krazy Race 4 Paid Dues 2012! (click this link to sign the petition)

Krazy Race 4 Paid Dues 2012 Campaign Video! Check It Out.

Please sign the petition & let Murs & Guerrila Union know
that you would like to see me on stage at Paid Dues 2012.
Let your voices be heard!

You can access the petition link by clicking on the title of this blog post
or you can check out the video posted and the link is on there as well.
After you sign the petition, if the site asks for a donation,
just close out the website, its that easy, no donation needed.


FREE "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" Album Download (Click Image)

FREE "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" Album Download (Click Image)
Released on 07-31-09