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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The 3rd Annual One Nation Hip Hop Summit!!! Krazy Race & Many More Live!!!

Next 2 shows in CA...
All Shirts & CDs will be 50% off.
CD's only $5 each & shirts only $10
Available on Nov. 6th & Nov. 21st.
Drop by our booth #RealizmRekords

Friday, October 1, 2010

"The Remixes" Releasing 10-01-10 (Click Here for D/L Link)

(Copy/Paste Link Below Into Browser)

We had put out 3 acapellas from the
"Chronicles of a Krazy Race" album
for a remix contest that ended on
Cinco De Mayo of 2010.

We recieved over 60 submissions
from producers all over the USA
& different parts of the world.

The Winners of the contest were:

TNUT of The Pricks (True Story Remix)
Mister A.G. (I Won't Stop Remix)
ElEspecialista (Why Me Remix)

The 3 winners remixes will be
released on the new album

Being that we had so much heat
to choose from, we decided to
put out another release for FREE!
9 producers made this new project
called "The Remixes" release.

Official release date is 10-01-10

You will be able to download it here
for FREE as well as many other sites/blogs.

There will only be 100 physical copies
made of this release and will be given
for free with any pre-order of THE RAPTURE

FREE "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" Album Download (Click Image)

FREE "Chronicles of a Krazy Race" Album Download (Click Image)
Released on 07-31-09